Provide proper ventilation to your Laptops to avoid overheating & hanging problems. Do not put on laptops Laptop keeping of fabric or bed because generally, the air circulation is from the base, regular doing so may reduce the life of the laptop, and can occur the heating problems

Always keep your Laptops dust free for the long life of your Laptops. Smart tune-up and clean-up junk files will help your Laptops for better performance. Keep your laptop free from Spywares and Adware’s use a proper antivirus software to protect your privacy & data.

Do not subject your laptop to shocks and jerks. It may avoid destruction to your hard disk drive. Ideally, power the laptops off before moving it from one place to another place.

Use strong passwords (Ex: ABC$123#abc) for your all your online accounts to avoid hacking and phishing.

Preventative maintenance: periodic checks on your laptop before problems occur to avoid downtime of your systems.

If you’re not using the laptop for a long time, then remove the battery power from the laptop. To extend the battery life span, to save the power use Standby and hibernation options. The best practice is to maintain long battery life is to charge and discharge.

Don’t consume or drinking near or around your laptop. The least bit of water could short-circuit some delicate laptop tour and provide it ineffective.