Infotrack GPS Tracking Platform


Track a GPS device: Live Tracking of vehicles and assets i.e. Bike, Car, Bus, Truck, School going Kids etc. through an installed GPS device. You may purchase a GPS device which costing approx. Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 from us or else you may rent our platform for live tracking of your already purchased device.

Track a Mobile Phone: Live Tracking of mobile devices through an app “Infotrack Client” which converts the mobile into a GPS device. Platform also supports an invisible version of app “Infotrack Hidden Client” which is not visible after installation. Please download the mobile apps from this site.


About Platform:

Live Tracking: Track movement of a GPS device or a Mobile phone live and real time on a map, turn by turn, through web portal “” or mobile app “Infotrack GPS Tracker“.

Notification: Alerts for various notifications like vehicle starts, speed limit exceed, geofencing etc. through Infotrack GPS Tracker App installed in mobile.

History of Movement: Platform keep records of movement up to 90 days.

Geo Fencing: Create a fencing on map for alert notification if vehicle/ mobile moves outside of the fencing.


Service Charge for our tracking services is Rs.500/per device/per year. (Click for full access)

For a glimpse of dashboard login with Email: demo   Password: demo

Download Mobile Apps


Infotrack GPS Tracker App (Track live through Mobile)                                              
Infotrack Client (Convert Mobile into a GPS Device)                                                    
Infotrack Hidden Client   (Convert Mobile into a GPS Device-Hidden)